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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 25, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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you what is next. your mornings on 2 starts now. good morning, thank you for joining us on this monday morning, april 25, and we all said, oh no. good morning, i am brian flores, and let's get this monday morning started with a check on the weather. >> it is cold this morning. a little hint of a winter, giving you a taste of what it once felt like. and there has been snow in the sierra, and not here, partly to mostly cloudy, but the breeze kicked in yesterday afternoon, and it his calm down in the sierra, and we will take that little snow they had. 40s and 50s, 36, and a lot of
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40s. and winds gusting at 40 at the oakland airport, and expect some sunshine and breezy. this northerly breeze will be in place. that can be beneficial for some, santa rosa will be at 74, but most locations will be in the 60s. here we are. let's go out and take a look and but we have. we do not have a lot going on, a nice-looking morning on the roads so far. starting off in the east bay, traffic moving along pretty well at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems getting into san francisco. also looking at interstate 880 north and south down, no major
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problems. if you're driving on 580 through livermore, off to a good start. 4:02 am. once again, the big question for the warriors fans is about the health of steph curry. undergoing an mri for that sprained right knee he suffered right here, and he slipped on a wet spot on the floor in houston. he was back in the series for the first time since injuring his ankle in game 1, and how the rest of the team stepped up in the second half.>> reporter: once again, dueling storylines, the warriors win the big game on the road and steph curry goes down with another injury.>> it was not right, but he still wanted to play. we would not let him. i'm sure he was very upset, and i feel awful for him.
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hopefully he will be okay, but we don't know. i feel so bad for him. he has been healthy all year long, and then all of a sudden the playoffs start, and i feel bad for steph, but we have to move on. >> we have to refocus, and we are missing that 30 point score.>> reporter: they did step up, and the doves exploded for 65 points in the second half, and nba playoffs record, even without their mbp. -- mvp.>> it put some pressure on you and you feel threatened a little bit with your best player goes down. your senses get a little heightened, but i feel
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collectively we came together and try to put together a good half without our best player. >> we know that we have to's -- to step our game up, and we know it could be over now. >> no one is going to feel sorry for us, and we still of the job to do, and we still have a very capable team, and we can hold on for a while until he comes back.>> reporter: curry walking with a noticeable limp after the game. but curry did not have any official interviews after the game, but he did offer this summary, "i slept, i feel, i got hurt and the team is great." that sums it up, and oracle arena. in the warriors are focused on game five, back at the oracle arena on wednesday, and the warriors won the first
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two games of the series at the oracle, and tickets are still available, and the cheapest are $150 on the warriors resale website. garcia torres told the judge he wanted to stand trial within 60 days, and today the judge can decide when that trial will start. his attorney said they are not ready for the trial, but the father of sierra is hopeful this will move forward.>> we need answers, worse than any other court delays and everything is the not knowing what happened, it's one of the worst things to deal with.>> it's been more than four years since 15-year-old sierra lamar this of feared -- disappeared in her dna was found in the car
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of torres. investigating a double homicide, the bodies of a man and woman found yesterday afternoon on lucas court. the concerned family members called the police after not hearing from their relatives for some time, and the police have not released details about how the people were killed, their names and no arrests have been made. there have been five homicides in the city in the past few weeks, on april 16 and eight-year-old man was shot and killed while walking with friends, two days later a 24- year-old father was killed near quinby road, and a 24-year-old man was arrested just last week on suspicion of stabbing his father to death. many law enforcement agencies are reconsidering the rules for windy body cameras will be used. this came up after the report that alameda county deputies were at the scene of a car
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thief and no one had on their body cameras. and 31 of the bay area police agencies have approved the body cameras, and all but two have policies saying that the body cameras must be running as much as possible, but there are no penalties for not using the cameras. the hunger strike is now on its fifth day, a small group of people have been camping out in front of the police station in the mission. they say the hunger strike will continue until the police chief is fired or the mayor ed lee resigns. this is the response to the shootings, including the shooting of mario woods. >> it's the ultimate sacrifice that one can do for a cause that they believe in. >> this is serious and we are putting our life on the line.>> we were born and raised your, we care about this and we are not going to stop. >> they say they are feeling
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the effects of not eating, but the support from the community is helping them to keep going. the martinez high school, there to help the students deal with they could -- a death of a classmate. the freshman died over the weekend, and the cause of the death has not been made public. the nonprofit organization, "her smile," set up a go fund me page, and also the 13-year- old girlfriend of martinez was hit and killed by train after trying to retrieve her cell phone that she dropped on the train tracks. and the suspension of assaulting the mother of a child and of ducting the eight- month-old daughter, he was taken into custody yesterday morning, and a 17-year-old girl
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said that he assaulted her and left with their eight-month-old baby. an hour later, the police spotted officer -- rodriguez, and no sign of the baby, and he told the police that he let the baby girl in a nearby yard, and the baby was found and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. state lawmakers looking into the steps that california is taking to keep tabs on the countries -- companies that have history of settling the effects of construction defects. investigators said there were mistakes and construction shortcuts that led to the deadly balcony collapse of the building, and there were signs for as much as a year prior to the collapse. they will have a hearing to decide how the local agencies are following up. and cracking down on the illegal listings on the short- term rental sites such as air
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bnb. according to recent report, out of 7000 listings, only about 1000 of the hosts are registered with the city, and they are required and they can only advertise rental listings registered with the city. new questions surrounding sexual assaults on the uc berkeley campus. and the reason some experts are saying that the sports department is not doing enough to stop this. the metro station at the center of the belgium terror attacks reopen for the first time, and how the passengers can pay tribute to those that lost their lives. traffic moving pretty well if you are driving on highway 24 westbound. chili out there this morning, robust breeze. forced
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welcome back. there is a major development in the race for the white house, sender ted cruz and governor john kasich have announced they are teaming up to defeat donald trump.>> reporter: the donald trump republican rivals are teaming up in a last ditch effort to defeat him. the campaign managers for ted cruz and john kasich have confirmed this move sunday night as ted cruz is focusing
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on indiana instead of the northeastern state. >> there's no doubt that winning the elections is under them losing the elections, and we are going to do everything possible to win here in indiana. >> reporter: they cannot win enough delegates, but they realized they had to team up in order to prevent donald trump unclenching the gop nomination before the summer convention.>> we are going to an open convention, and i have been saying that for two months, and it turns out i am right.>> reporter: donald trump tweets a response saying that both of them are desperate, and he is trying to secure the nomination outright. >> and where it is unfair to say that you need 1237, but i think we will get there, so i am not complaining about it.>> reporter: hillary clinton is already turning her attention to the general election. >> when you hear what donald
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trump and ted cruz say, it's not only offensive, but it is dangerous. >> reporter: bernie sanders trying to catch up. >> this campaign unlike secretary clinton's has not raised $15 million from wall street. >> reporter: after the five primaries in the northeast tomorrow, indiana voters will head to the polls on may 3. a metro station in brussels is back open just over one month after the deadly terror attacks in belgium, and the suicide bombing killed 16 and injured dozens more. the station is under tight security, and a remembrance wall has been set up. officials say that the entrances and exits are limited, and repairs are still in progress. >> there was not any structural damage, and there was some work that had to be done. not everything is finished, but it is covered so that the
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passengers are not confronted with the damage.>> isis has claimed responsibility for the attack, and the brussels airport that was also bombed is still not fully functional. dozens of airstrikes in syria and killed dozens leaving lots of damage, turning several neighborhoods, and workers are scrambling to get to those that were injured. the syrian government has restricted travel to the area, putting the strain on the rebel forces. president obama is sending another 250 military members to syria to help the troops fight isis and is expected to make an announcement later today in germany. he has been talking with the german chancellor as the push for the european free trade agreement perkel -- and merkel say she is preparing for military against isis, in many
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forces already in that war-torn country. we could learn more about a possible saudi connection to the white house attacks. and this is from a congressional inquiry, and the cochair of the panel says that the document points to suspicion that members of the saudi government provided aid and support to the 9/11 terrorists. and neither the panel nor the commission found evidence supporting the claim, but the critics say that does not rule out the lower-level officials or that the members of the royal family were involved. >> the unanswered question and 9/11 is did these 19 people conduct this very sophisticated plot alone over they supported, and i think that all of the evidence points to saudi arabia. >> there is growing pressure from the former officials that the families of 9/11 victims, members of congress from both
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parties released the documents, and the white house is expected to make its decision in the next several weeks. it is 4:17 am, and let's check in on the traffic. and everybody still talking about the warriors game.>> it's never good, it's like a bittersweet win. >> it looked like he came down hard on his knee, so if it's just a sprain.>> we are hoping it's just a bruise, but we will see what happens. i don't know when they will release the mri results, and of course we will be talking about this all morning, and you will know when we know. taking a look at the commute on highway 4 westbound, no major problems in the traffic is looking good. nice early start for the contra costa county. and looking good between walnut creek in oakland.
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at the bay bridge toll plaza, light traffic and no major problems, looking good into san francisco. 4:18 am. we hope it's just a bruise. >> i hope so. let's hope his out for week ending comes back.>> the warriors are very good without him, but they are great with him. >> they are championship with him. right. it's cold out there, and getting from april to may, going from cool to warm, and that is a possibility over the next 5 to 7 days. but it looks like it keeps transitioning from one pattern to another, and that system yesterday let us know in the sierra. not too bad for april. things are calming down, 40s and 50s on the temperatures, and a few upper 30s. 41 in calistoga, 45 in napa and
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bodega bay. and the northwest breeze, 25 at novato. wind gusts out of the oakland airport, and it will be a breezy day. some patchy low clouds, and it will be swinging through keeping some activity going today. this north wind is good for some, napa downtown in santa rosa, but for most this is a cool day. and we are only going 74 in santa rosa, and they will benefit from the north wind, everyone else on the cooler side. it will be clouding up on wednesday and the possibility of rain and kicking out thursday, and then turning around to be form for the week end. -- turning round to be warm for the weekend. the search continues for the suspect wanted in connection with the killing of
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eight family members in ohio, and up next, the possible motive in the case.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 4:23 am. we are learning more about the killing of the eight ran my members -- eight family members, and this is in ohio. found shot to death in format different homes, and several marijuana growing operations
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were found at the crime scene, but they did not say that these deaths were drug-related. they do believe there was more than one killer and they are still on the run. >> this was not something that just happened, and this was planned. the family was targeted, most of them while sleeping. >> the surviving family members are staying at a church due to the concerns over their safety, and he $25,000 reward for information leading to the killers. the northern wisconsin high school holding classes after the shooting at the prom over the weekend. the former student at the antigo high school opened fire outside of the dance saturday night, and two teenagers suffered nonlife threatening injuries. the officers that were patrolling that grounds heard the gunshots and fired at the shooter and he later died of his injuries.
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he was jacob wagner, and a former classmate said that he was bullied in school. the number one hit still heard on the radio today and billy paul has died. [ music playing ].>> billy paul passed away yesterday at his home in new jersey, recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. his 1992 valid, "me and mrs. jones," earned him a grammy. in the tower bells of minneapolis city hall playing the prince songs, and last week, prince passed away at his home recording studio at
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the age of 57. and we are awaiting the autopsy results to come back. the sales of prince songs are skyrocketing, 2.3 million songs have sold since the singer died, and 1 million were sold on the day of his death. and "purple rain" "little red coette" are among those that are top sellers. >> i forget about all of the songs he wrote to the other performers, amazing. and there is said to be thousands of songs at his compound that will be released. 4:26 am. a major blow as steph curry suffers another injury, and we will tell you what will happen today, and they will determine whether he will be able to play in game five against the rockets. a homicide investigating
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shutting down a busy thoroughfare in san francisco. we are looking at a commute where the traffic is doing very well, and here's a look at the bay bridge. traffic looks good getting into the city. rather cold, a few upper 30s, and kelseyville, and we will talk about the cool and breezy monday.
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good morning, i am brian flores, and thank you for being with us this morning.>> and i have pam cook, not always easy to wake up on a monday morning. and we have a lot of 40s
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and 50s, and a few 30 showing up, and the breezes coming out of the northwest in will continue most of the day. it might turn a little bit northerly for some, and some snow showers yesterday and lightning in the central valley, and this was a pretty good system. the little activity in the mountains, 40s and 50s on the temperatures. 41 in walnut creek, blackhawk 43, and it is cool out there. and west to livermore, san jose, a good breeze out there, and continuing under mostly sunny skies. we have this piece of energy rotating through, keeping the breezes in place. a few 30s for the lows, and clouds popping up with this northwest wind, translating into a lot of 60s and a few 70s. 4:30 am on a monday morning. let's hope it is quiet. back it


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